Costume: In this scene, the characters all seem to be dressed in a comfortable outfit except for Vork. Codex, Zaboo, and Tinkerballa seem to dress like they are younger than Clara and Vork probably because they are. Vork is dressed in a suit and he obviously wants to look and feel professional. I am not sure what Clara is wearing but it is definitely different than the rest of the group but, I guess that makes sense since she is different than the rest of them. I think she is the only one who is married and the only one who has kids.

Setting and Decor: The setting of this scene is in some type of diner or restaurant. It looks like a fairly cheep restaurant to me because of the wallpaper and the fake plant in the background and, I am not sure if that is reflections of the light but, the table looks like it is sort of scratched up on the edge. They also might be at a restaurant near the beach because of all the pictures of beaches and palm trees.

Lighting: I see that there is one main light probably above them and i am not sure but, i think i see that there might be natural light coming through a window behind tinkerballa. There is no fill light because I still see a lot of shadows on their bodies.

Space: This scene appears to be in deep space because the edge of the table is in the foreground, the people are in the middle ground and the wall and pictures are in the background. It is also deep space because everyone and everything is in the same focus and nothing in it is blurry.

Acting: In this scene, all of the people are acting the same way. They are all sitting at the table and it looks like they are all about to pick up that book and read it. Also, their faces all appear to have the same expression; the expression seems to me like they are focused on this book and they are not really happy, sad, angry, etc., they are just neutral.


Costume: In this scene, you can see that Codex is wearing something that i do not think would be something you wear when you are about to go somewhere. It seems as if she is going to stay at her home for awhile. It looks like she just found something in that big pile of clothes behind her and put it on. She does not really care what she looks like because she will probably be at home for a while.

Setting and Decor: The setting of this is in her bedroom. The curtains are closed probably because she does not want anyone to see her in her room, especially with all of that mess. Her bed has a lot of clothes on it and there is a violin. To me, that says that she is messy or lazy at home and the violin case is open which, I think, means that she was or was about to practice playing it. Also, the things on her dresser and the pictures on her wall indicate that she is young. On her desk though, i see that there are sticky notes which makes me think that she is messy but at least she seems somewhat organized but, maybe I am wrong and she just puts down her username and password to the game on those sticky notes.

Lighting: In this scene, I see that there is obviously a back light coming from the windows and i think that is a lamp behind her head. She definitely seems kind of distant from the window because of the back light. I also think that there is a more dim light in front of her because of the way the shadows on her face show. I do not think there is a fill light because i really only see two sources of lighting and there are still shadows on her face

Space: This scene is deep space because her computer is in the foreground, she and her bed are in the middle ground and her window and bookshelf are in the background. Also, this scene is in deep focus because you can clearly see everything in the room and nothing is blurry.

Acting: In this scene, she is sitting down like she is about to get up or she just sat down. Her expression seems to be like she is feeling down about something. The way her arms are just hanging there seems to me like she is thinking about doing something with her arms but she just has not done it yet.