In this scene of The Guild, Vork and Zaboo are having a conversation in the bathroom. The sound is diegetic because both of the characters can hear each other talking. Another sound that I heard in the background was a fan or maybe it was one of those lights that make a buzzing sound when they’re turned on. This sound was also a diegetic sound because the characters were in the same room where that sound was coming from and us viewers could also hear that noise. Then as the scene changes, there is a sound bridge between the bathroom scene and the “fighting” scene. The fighting sound effects start near the end of the bathroom scene and continue onto the next scene. The fighting sound effects were diegetic and there was some dubbing that happened in the scene. Obviously, no one’s fights have sound effects like that so it is assumed that they added those in later. Although there was dubbing that happened in the fighting scene, it was not synchronous dubbing because you could not see the fighting actually happening.