Stimulus and Response: The people in “Welcome to Sanditon” were beta testing this thing called “Domino”. Domino allowed the people in a town called Sanditon, California to interact with it and say a command such as “call (whatever the person’s name is)” and Domino would call that person. You could also command Domino to answer calls that you were receiving and I think it let you view other people’s conversations.

Communication: Domino was able to let you call another person using Domino. It allowed you to do a video chat, like FaceTime or Skype, so you could easily communicate with another person. In fact, mostly all of the episodes had someone that was using Domino to video chat with someone else.

Exchange of Information: Domino allowed the users to share their own videos with the rest of the town. In a few episodes, there were videos of Clara Breton explaining how to make one of her ice cream recipes. This allowed the users to get the information on how to make what she was making. I think she even wanted to hear from people about new flavors to try out in the ice cream shop that she ran. Also, some people in Sanditon thought that Domino had too much control over what information could be sent out for other people to know because of the automatic editing feature on it that cut videos short or only showed certain parts.

Acquisition: There were a few episodes in Welcome to Sanditon that showed how the people in the town were thinking of this new Domino thing and whether or not they liked it. Also, I think that the show, or whatever it is, as a whole was even an acquisition to give us information on the fictional town of Sanditon.  Gigi Darcy was also collecting information on this town to try out the beta test and tell her brother, William, how it was going while she was in Sanditon.