Lost in Austen 

One item that changed the scale, pace, and pattern of Amanda’s life was the way that she had to brush, or clean, her teeth. She was probably used to brushing her teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste but, when she was in the other world, she had to use sticks and whatever that other stuff was. By the looks of it, it appeared she had no idea how to use it and she could not look on google how to find out how to use it, so she had to try to figure out someway how to use these sticks to clean her teeth.

Another extension that Amanda had to deal with was the clothing that the people from the other world were wearing. She originally came into the other world with a more modern style of clothing and the other women were surprised at what she was wearing and one woman even asked her what she was wearing. Amanda had to change her style of clothing in order to fit in with the people of that time period.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

In this, one extension is reality television shows. Because of these reality television shows, like The Bachelor, people view them as actual reality outside of the TV shows. The reality shows are not real but, the producers want you to think that that is how people act in real life and thus conveying a false reality to the viewers. These type of shows change the way people think about women and men. It might lead people to believe that most women are “gold diggers” and that a man has to be successful and have a lot of money in order for a woman to marry them

Another extension is beauty or attractiveness. Like in Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire, the women are trying to win the man over by being attractive and showing themselves off in sort of a beauty contest.I think that this gives the impression that a woman has to be attractive in order for a man to want to marry her. Also, the idea of what is “attractive” has changed in modern times, so there are all these new beauty products and clothing that will help women look “attractive” in modern day.