The show Friends is one of my favorite shows and an example of convergence because you can watch it on Netflix and interact with it. Friends is a show about a group of friends that live near each other in New York and just do life together. This show is sometimes on regular TV but it is easier to watch it on Netflix. Netflix connects through the internet and you can choose which episodes of Friends that you want to watch on Netflix. You also need a remote control, keyboard, or even a touchscreen to access Netflix. Netflix also allows you to rate the episodes that you like or dislike and you can add it to your favorites and you can pause the show whenever you want and continue it later when you have time.


The writers of this show most likely used a computer to write the script that the actors/actresses used to learn their lines. I think that is considered a cyborg because it consisted of both an organism and a machine. The writers used a machine to get their scripts down on paper. The directors of this used cameras and lights in order to make this fictional setting seem more realistic and they helped the actors/actresses to use the machines to help them make the scene. There were also the costume designers that made the actors and actresses seem more like the fictional characters that they were supposed to play. Also, on the show, they showed the actors using things around them like appliances and other machines that made the show seem more realistic.