In this scene, the stunt guy was practicing for a role in some movie with a pole in his hand. In the beginning of the video, they showed a close up of the stunt guy with deep focus and deep space and then they showed him in a medium close up with deep space and i think it was deep focus but the video itself was all blurry so it was hard to tell. That part also was tilted up a little at the actor. Then it repeated with the close up and medium close up and it had the same focus and space as the other parts.

After it did those twice, they showed a really close up shot, but not an extreme one, of him swinging the pole still. This time i think it had shallow focus but still had deep space in it.  In the last two seconds of the video, they zoomed out and showed a medium long shot of when Codex came down the stairs to talk to the stunt guy and it was in deep focus and deep space.