Frantzdy Pierrot

The video welcome to Sanditon is a reworking of Jane Austen novel in which Pemberley digital production is reliving the story from England to California through the Domino app. The app allowed people in the community to participated through social media. In the episodes, Gigi Darcy is displaying to the audience how the app works and all the features that it has. For example, people can call each other, Facetime, Text messaging, and Cancel message anytime they want. This effectively creates a bond in the community that displays different types of interactivity such as navigation, communication, exchange of information, and stimulus and response.
Navigation: It is really important because it shows us what we need to do. For example, the Coastal Carolina University website navigates a lot of students because it shows us how to get around their websites and discover all they have to offer. The dominos app does the same thing it navigates the people in the community by showing them how it works. For instance, how people, Facetime, Voice calling, Text messages, view messages and cancel call or messages. This type of interactivity gives people or users the freedom to talk to whoever they want with no restriction and it makes easier to communicated to other, unlike the real Novel. The main reasons Pemberley Digital create the Domino app is to get viewers more involved and be part of it the story which eventually will make them more interesting in Jane Austen’s work.
Communication: This is one of the most important as the aspect of the Domino app. It allowed people to communicate easily and daily. In order to communicate with someone Gigi Darcy only had to say Domino, call William or Fitz and if they answer she reach them instantly and start talking to them. People was able to video charts, Text messaging, Voice Calls and Facetime each other. This made it easier for people to stay in contact with each other from a long distance without meeting them. Face to face conversation was traditional in the Austen novel but in the Domino, people can visually see the person they talking to as we see in the video where Gigi Darcy was video chatting with William Darcy and Fitz William.
Exchange of Information is another important aspect of the Domino app. According to Miller “This form of interactively is generally found in devices that have connected to an internet” (Miller, 64). In the video welcome to Sanditon, the characters, Fitz William, Gigi Darcy and William Darcy was able to connect with each other because of the internet. The Domino app allowed them to exchange information to each other through text messages, voice calling, and Video charting. Even the fans that are using the Domino app was able to interact with characters and express how they feel about the show and things they want to see improvement on. Which permitted the audience to be part of the story as well.