Welcome to Sanditon is a web series based in California. The small town that is going through another set of changes based on the new ideas of the Mayor is getting the opportunity to test out the new app, Domino. In the web series, there are various examples of the different forms of interactivity being used. Below I have listed, as well as explained, a few of the types and where it can be identified in the web series.

Communication– Everyone in Sanditon was being introduced to the new app, Domino. The app allowed its users to create video blogs, make video calls, and other actions. The app ultimately gave its users the action to communicate with each other and interact with one another from the comforts of their rooms, homes, and even businesses. People on the app communicated with each other by watching different video blogs and then going on to create and post their own. Gigi attempted to communicate with the Mayor quite a few times through video calls. The app also allows the users to use their phones and computers to tap into this virtual community.

Exchange of Information– One of the obvious examples of this type of interactivity would be Clara’s video blogs showing different ice cream recipes that the viewers could try (I might try some of those recipes myself). By Clara doing something on the tutorial side of her videos, she is exchanging information. Some people may not have know how the proper way to chop up candy and mix it into ice cream themselves.

Acquisition– Various characters in the web series touched on this type of interactivity. Acquisition is when the user collects information, almost like exchange of information. Gigi received majority of her information through the Domino app as well as her brother William who would watch her weekly video blogs to stay updated on what was happening. Gigi also received information about how the Mayor was planning on turing the ice cream shop into a juice bar. The brother and sister duo, Beau and Griff Griffith also received information about each other setting up their own fitness business within the town.

Navigation– The major type of interactivity being used was navigation. Not only were users learning how to navigate through the Domino app, but Gigi was learning how to navigate through the town with a map, with difficulty. Within the app, the users had the ability to navigate through the site, call people, leave voicemails, make three way calls, etc. They could also explore other video blogs that their fellow town members had posted to the app.