The decor in this lunch scene provides a yellow room, a fake tree, and small dark colored table and chairs. It’s difficult to note they are in a restaurant if you were just provided this still (and not the annotations that stated that it is an actual restaurant), except if you noticed the salt and pepper shakers sitting on the table. The placement of the table and chairs allows for an open audience view of the characters while they sit. The significance of the tree provides contrast and color to the shot. The lighting is natural that is provided by the large window in back, but because it’s so bright it gives off a glare to the camera. The highlights on the main characters faces provide me with the knowledge that there is a fill or a key light that reduces the shadows on their faces. The spacing in this scene places the characters in a somewhat cramped frontality shot which isn’t pleasing to the viewer eye, though understandable considering the lack of budget and camera equipment. The producers mentioned that it was a hard scene to film because all five characters were in the scene. The tree placed in the back corner provides depth to the shot as well. The wardrobe is all neutral to basic colors, no crazy patterns which might provide a distraction to the audience and therefore less attention to what’s happening in the scene. The typage in this scene shows Clara in her own little world, she’s present within the group but still very in her head. Tink is completely detached from the group, she is still listening occasionally and chimes in on occasion, though she is completely invested in her game. Codex is her usual flustered and slightly confused self and Zaboo is ultimately (still obsessed with Codex) his usual quirky character


In this scene, the producers noted they acquired most of the decor from an old electronics shop and traveled nearly two hours to get it. Talk about commitment. The decor suggests that Blade’s computer set up is in a garage or basement, some sort or isolated spare junk room that allows him to play Guild for hours without disturbing his family, or roommates. The lighting is very low and poor, there looks to be just one key light from an upward angle shooting down and a small backlight. This can be noted from the reflections on his chair and the high amount of shadows throughout the still. There exists some shallow space but because of the size of room to be considered. Blades is seen in dark jeans, a basic baseball tee, and a necklace of somesort which is typical American teenage boy apparel. The producers noted that a lot of the actors wore their own personal wardrobe for budget reasons, so there’s a large possibility that Blades is in his own clothing which leads into the acting typage displayed. Considering most actors are hired based on their real personas and aesthetics to match that of the character, it’s completely plausible to assume the actor playing Blades and the character are quite similar, but with added dramatization for entertainment purposes.