Lost in Austen

One great example of scale, pace and pattern is electricity. In the time period Elizabeth was not use to the light so she did not know what it was. Only the wealthy could afford it, so it wasn’t accessible to the everyday household.

But today, electricity is everywhere and is used for everything. Also Amanda was used to using her cell phone in her everyday life, but as soon as the portal took her to an earlier century, she soon found out that her phone was useless. Her first reaction was to use her phone, which speaks for everyone today. In an emergency, we tend to go for our cellphones first. It is used in our everyday life and there is always a phone in someones hand when you see them out in public.

Real Housewives

Money is all people talk about, think about, and work for. Money can be very dangerous because it causes problems with who has the most, who can do this, and who can do that. The Kardashians are famous because of how they use their money to make themselves appear almost like goddesses, and how they use it to gamin more success. People feed off their success to try and match their own.

Another thing called Social Media has a deep influence. Without social media, we would not be able to keep up with the trends and see things that we “must have” because celebrities has them. Now-a-days, almost everyone has some form of social media that they use for different reasons, i.e. to connect to friends, shop, blog, etc.