Convergence is defined as the act of converging; meaning two or more things are united, or converged, into one. In this post, we are looking at convergence and transmedia story. A quote stated in the book really helps me better understand this process. It says “in order for convergence to be available, the content must be available in digital form”. This is very true and it allows you to have a more understanding about how this process works. Convergence works i 4 components. A communication delivery system (Cellular, bluetooth, wifi, etc.), Hardware (Tv set, game console, computer, etc.), Digitalized content (text, audio, animations, graphics) which is what we access when we go online or make a phone call, and Computerized technology (keyboard, keypad, etc.) used to access and interact with the content. Transmedia typically has 3 platforms. Convergence is used to access my favorite transmedia Comic-Con. The character portrayed are digitalized forms of animations. They are created for games, which is then converted into movies. This goes hand in hand with the live performance of dressing up like them. Convergence takes place because the games is then converted into movies, which is then used as a convergence mechanism for the live performance. This can be seen in the Netflix series “The Flash”, where the DC comics original superhero is shown. Cosplay is a big effect to the DC comics introduction to super-humans, such as the Flash.

The Cyborg notion is displayed very heavily in the Netflix series. There are Meta-humans (half human/half machine) which show show the connection between humans and machines. The characters are constantly using machines to take down these meta-humans. Some of the meta-humans are part man, part animal, so the show plays on the “where does the animal end, and human begin” notion that was discussed in A Cyborg Manifesto. One significant meta-human is Shark King (part shark, part man). There is a vague distinction between the physical and non-physical world. The main character, Barry, travels into the “speed-force”, a non-physical realm, and he leaves behind his physical realm. To him, he cannot tell the different because the distinction is so unreal. The meta-human who are females are noticeably weaker than the male meta’s but there