In this 30 second clip we see Zaboo and Codex talking as they prepare to attend Vork and Anvinashi’s wedding. The camera starts with a zoom on Zaboo and Codex before it jumps to Vork who starts talking as it happens. There is the off-screen sound of a door opening. This allows the cast to turn their heads and look at who entered the room, which is Bladez. Then the camera jumps to Bladez, emphasizing his ridiculous tan. There is no background music so the only sounds would be diegetic sound, that of the characters talking and moving around the room. Since there is no background music, there is not any non-diegetic sound. These sounds are also direct as they are recorded as the crew are filming and it is not added in later. The quality of all these sounds are somewhat poor, but this is keeping with the overall feeling of the show as well as their budget.