For the short, thirty second clip that I analyzed, Codex, Zaboo, Vork, Tinkerbella, and Clara are talking while playing online. Zaboo is going haywire about Vork marrying his mother and becoming related to him. Vork also doesn’t want to marry Zaboo’s mother, but can’t find a way to get out of it. There is not a sound bridge included in the start of the scene analyzed. The scene before was lead out with a black screen and no sound was carried over into the next. In this particular scene, there were a few examples of diegetic sound  because the characters who weren’t directly on screen could still communicate through the game with each other. No voice overs were included in the thirty second clip either. The most popular form in this series would be direct sound because audio and visual aspects of the series are recorded simultaneously. That means that audio and visual are recorded as is despite other noise in the background.