In season 2 of The Guild, we are focusing on the cinematography throughout the season. In the short clip I posted above, Clara’s kids are causing havoc to her gaming space while in a different scene, Codex and Zaboo are in the moment of looking into each other’s eyes and talking about internet speed.

In these two scenes, there is a dramatic moment happening and the camera focus is a shallow focus. Everything close to the lens is in focus and everything else behind that is blurred. In regards to the frame rate, both scenes are in slow motion which means that there are more frames of exposure than usual. Clara is shown in slow motion trying to plug her ethernet cord back up and Codex and Zaboo are shown in slow motion leaning into a possible kiss. The framing in these scenes are a medium close up because we cannot see the characters lower bodies, just from the chest to the head. But as the scene goes on for Codex and Zaboo, the framing alternates between a medium close up to a close up, focusing on the characters faces. Both scenes are shot at an eye level view, or point-of-view shot. This causes the viewer to see at the same level as the characters as if they are in the scene as well.