Decor – Both places have their own decor from her bedroom to the restaurant the mother is seen in. But without the decor in the background you wouldn’t be able to tell where the person is as it becomes an important part of the scene that is being shot.

Lighting – The lighting they are using on the picture to the right is a Three-Point lighting, it is the lighting the looks the most natural when the scene is being filmed, they don’t use the high-key lighting to make the seem above or more pretty then other people. In the picture to the left I want to say is a Three-point lighting system but they used the computer screen as one of the lighting tools on her face instead.

Space – I’d say the space is clear on these two pictures. To the left you can tell there is only a mid-close/frontal ground since she is in her bedroom and now out somewhere so the space doesn’t that to seem huge. The picture on the right then mid to background seem to blend but you can tell that she is in some kind of opened space restaurant or building. Both of the shots are a frontality shot.

Costume – The costumes to me are personally the most important part of any show or movie. The costume can tell so much about the characters especially in a show where they change their costumes a lot cause of the time frame. Like in the picture to the right you can tell that she is a certain nationality because of her outfit and you think about the Indians from the European side when you see her. Then the picture on the left you can tell she is somewhere she doesn’t have to dress us because she is in her pj’s.

Acting – You can tell the woman in the right picture is mad because they added the flames in CGI to her eyes to show that she is mad, her expression along with them just helps the matter. The picture on the left you can tell she is in a comfortable place, her face and body are relaxed and she isn’t really pressured into being shy or talking to someone, she just talking naturally.