In my 30 second clip The Guild is tuning in virtually through the game for Vork and Zaboos mothers wedding. Zaboo is telling his mother that she did not have to marry Vork just to hang out with him more. Zaboos mother is relieved because she did not actually wan to marry Vork. Vork is also relived, the marriage was not something that anyone really wanted. When I listen to my 30 second clip the only sound that I heard was the voices of each character speaking to each other. The first sound when my scene started is Zaboos mother speaking, everyone else is quiet. Because I did not hear much the first time, I kept watching the 30 second scene over and over again. After I watched it again, I noticed that there was also a sound of the keyboard clicking when they typed. I noticed that when Zaboo and Codex go to the side to talk to each other it is diegetic but non-diegetic to everyone else. Everyone else was still tuned into the in game wedding. This scene has a good transition, it is direct sound because it is happening while the scene is playing. It is easy to understand what they are saying in the scene of them in the virtual wedding. It is a little unclear when Zaboo and Codex are talking to each other. The characters are speaking clearly and loud enough to hear, when Zaboo speaks to Codex he is whispering on purpose which makes it a little harder to hear