I’d say this clip uses direct sound and background sound. I’m sure the post-synchronization dubbing process to add in the sound of music in the game to the background. But, other then that they used direct sound in the scenes where they are talking to each other. They haven’t used other effects in this section of video. The music they used isn’t even really that close to World of Warcraft music or other MMORPGS I have played. But, on the other end at least they used music in the background like online games do. I’m not sure what their budget was cause the sounds they use really are easy to accomplish, even the CGI they use in some scenes isn’t that hard. But, if they thought about simple sounds to add in to the show it’d be better. Some background music that matches with what they are doing or something like music the character would listen to in the background behind the game. The show is good, but could be better.