In the thirty seconds of sound I was given, a lot of sound types are heard. In the first fifteen seconds or so, there is s small amount displayed, but the last half just explodes with sounds. In the beginning of the clip, there is a reverb effect on the vocals so that you can understand that they are in the warrior that they are actually in the warrior hall that they appear to be in. The camera then focuses away from Codex and Simon, and pans to the other guild members, yet we can still hear Codex’s and Simon’s conversation; this is an example of offscreen sound. Then after convincing Simon to better the Guild Hall, he slams his axe into the ground creating a change in the hall, and the real indicator of this can come from the sound that can be described as a non diegetic one. It is a sound that was most definitely recorded separately from the film and added to really create the effect of initiating the transformation. The rest of the video clip actually features this non diegetic sound with the music as ambience to the transformation to have the magical feel its presenting. There is also a somewhat direct sound when the windows are being created during the transformation as the sound actually occurs as it is happening, though the sound is actually existing as a separate part of the film, added later to create this effect. There is then a short break in the music and effects but then it jumps right back into the transformation featuring the same sound effects once again.