Scene start time: 1:12:55

In this part of the season, the Guild members are talking with one of the gaming masters. The scene starts off with diegetic sound as the gaming master zaps Zaboo’s mother out of the game. When the gaming master points his staff at her, you can hear the “zapping” sound. This allows the audience to understand what just happened in the scene. Without the “zapping” sound, the audience would see the gaming master point his sword and Zaboo’s mother disappear. The sound effect adds to the scene and allows the audience to become more immersed in what is happening. This sound is diegetic because the gamers as well as the audience can hear it. This is also an example of post synchronization dubbing because the sound effect was added after production, at the time of filming the scene the staff did not actually make the “zapping” sound. Another sound effect in the clip is the sound of the gaming master’s suit as he moves. This is a diegetic sound as it can be heard by the actors as well as the audience. The sound of his suit informs the audience how heavy the gaming armor is. The big armor also signifies his importance in the gaming world. It informs the audience of the hierarchy of the game. Another form of sound shown in this clip is off-screen sound. This occurs when all the gamers are talking simultaneously and the camera is focused on the gaming master. Although the camera is not focused on the members of the guid, the audience and the gaming master can hear them talking. This is also an example of diegetic sound because the audience and actors can hear them. Paying close attention to sound can help to better understand a scene. It can broaden what the audience pays attention to and give them appreciation for the production process.