My assigned clip was from The Guild season 4, from 1:16:15 to 1:16:40.

This scene begins with dialogue between all of the characters in the Guild, starting with Bladezz, then moving to Tinkballa, back to Bladezz, and lastly through each member of the Guild one by one. All of this dialogue is diegetic because all of the characters present in the scene can hear it and respond to it. Some of this sound is direct, meaning it was recorded at the same time as the picture was recorded, and some of the sound is offscreen, meaning the characters speaking is not necessarily the one being filmed but is still present in the area the scene is occurring in. For example, when Bladezz first begins speaking, the scene cuts from Bladezz to Codex in the middle of Bladezz’s  lines. The viewer knows it is still Bladezz speaking even though he is not currently pictured on screen.

Once Bladezz mentions that he got everyone in the Guild tickets to the convention, music begins to play. This music is non-diegetic, so the characters cannot hear it but the viewers can. This music was added post-production; after the scene was filmed. The music is  fast paced with trill notes increasing in pitch, causing it to create an excited feeling to the scene as the characters anticipate the exciting event.