My 30 second clip was a conversation between Vorg, Tinkerbella, Codex,Clara, and Zaboo. Zaboo was upset because Vorg was on the verge of marrying his mother. Zaboo’s biggest concern was becoming related to Vorg. Codex was trying to calm Zaboo down while she was trying to talk Vorg out of marrying his mother. During the clip Clara was also helping Vorg plan the wedding at her house even though he didn’t really want to marry Zaboo’s mom. There were several instances of diegetic because some of the characters were off screen or in a different place but they could still communicate with each other. In order to communicate with each other the characters used the headset they used to play the Guild. The Guild did not use any voice overs during the 30 second clip. So the sound was recorded during the making of the show.