A costume can really say something about a character. For instance Codex, dresses like a normal mid-twenties woman, who in the real world would go by Cyd. Her style is out dated with the tank top over the t-shirt, but at least she matches, sort of. The setting and décor also says a lot about Codex, she’s messy. Most twenty something women are busy and just have a hard time getting the house straightened up, but I’m not sure exactly what Codex’s excuse is since she is always home. She should stop and take the time to clean up, but that is just not the type of character Codex is. The lighting is terrible. Lighting is usually used to help the obvious, lighten up a room, but in the screen shot there are shadows and overall does no justice to the room or Codex. Lighting can make a character look flawless, whereas in this scene, Codex is very washed out. The space is very small making it look unappealing. All the furniture looks too close together and Codex looks squished. Overall, Codex’s acting is very average. She’s not the best, but she is not the worst. Codex does do a good job of being an awkward and unsociable gamer, who is lost in a virtual reality.

guild 1.png

The next scene is the Guild out at a restaurant together. Codex is showing her young side off again because she is in pajamas in public and really should be dressed in something more appropriate. Vork presents himself in a professional manor, probably because of leader role he portrays in the game.  However, previously in this video, he is seen wearing the same suit, which points to him only owning one, making it seem like he has it all together. Zaboo has been in the same green t-shirt since he arrived at Codex’s house. This could suggest that Zaboo is not the most cleanest person in this show. He also brought a suit case so you would think that he would change it up a bit. The setting and decor suggest this is low key restaurant like a diner or a place that has been around for a long time and can’t afford to spice it up. The walls match the seating giving the restaurant  a very unappealing look. There are also very small and basic painting on the wall that suggests a low budget for decor. The lighting again here is not the best quality. The lighting should add to the characters, where here it really just hurts them. With better lighting, the characters as well as the restaurant would look much better. The space is okay, it would be better if the camera angles were improved. The restaurant looks very small and not all of the characters are in the shot, which could be fixed if the space was bigger. The acting again is average. Vork threatens Bladezz to give the Guild fund back or the pictures are released and face locker room rape. Using that line just hurts the character because he looks cruel. Its okay to want your stuff back, but bringing harm to someone is very okay. The acting fits a web series, but would not last on TV.