Costume: Both of their outfits are very simple and casual. This suggests that they do not indulge in fashion, and may not have a lot of money. They are both dressed for warm weather, giving details about the climate setting of the show. Codex is wearing a long sleeved shirt, not showing a lot of skin. This shows that she chooses to dress more modestly, versus wearing a mini skirt. Zabbo’s  t-shirt and khaki’s outfit shows that he is a very simple dresser, maybe being a “simple” man.

Setting and Decor: Codex’s house is very colorful and girly, suggesting that she is fairly young. Her furniture is simple suggesting low income. There are not any toys around so we can see she has no kids. The furniture, walls, and decor are all color coded, showing that she is somewhat organized, however the dying plant in the corner suggests that she is somewhat careless. The bright color coding shows her femininity.

Lighting: The majority of the lighting is coming from the door. There is not any fill light, as you can see the shadows on Zabbo’s shirt and behind the door. There also does not appear to be a back light, as the painting behind Codex’s head look closer than what it actually is. The lighting is very realistic to the natural lighting we would see if we were standing in the room with them. It adds to the interaction of the show because the audience can feel like they are in the room with them.

Space: The camera is showing a deep focus that allows you to see the entire room. In this scene you can see that they are just walking into the house as the camera’s focus shows them walking in and closing the door. The camera is at the oblique 30 degree angle, showing off the entire room, rather being zoomed up on their faces.

Acting: From Codex’s posture you can see that she is frustrated and you can see that Zabbo is trying to calm her down. He has a look of concern on his face as if he is trying to ease what is bothering her. Codex has her hand on her hip and is slightly hunched, showing signs of distress.

Costume: Tink is dressed in bright girly colors, the hoodie with the hearts on it suggests that she is young. The way her hoodie is baggy an somewhat hangs off her shoulder shows a sort of carelessness in her attitude.

Setting and Decor: Her bedroom is very much like that of a little girl. You see colorful bedding, with stuffed animals on the bed. The walls and  the room decor is also pink. The setting of her bedroom giver her a younger image, as though she lives with her parents and is in high school. Based solely on this setting, I estimate her age is about 18.

Lighting: The key light is coming from the left side of the screen. There is no backlight, her stuffed animals are maybe four feet away from her but look closer than that. There does seem to be a filler light, as there are  not any significant shadows.

Space: The camera is at the oblique angle, showing the entire room. The angle of the camera seems as though we are a fly on the wall in her room. The camera is also in deep focus to capture the entire scene of the room, in order to capture Tink’s personality.

Acting: Her facial expression is showing confusion, along with the way she is holding her left hand. You can tell from her expression that she saw something that confused or maybe disgusted her.