Frantzdy Pierrot


In the bottom we looking at a picture of Volk he is an interesting character in the in the Guild. He is always well dressed like a professional. He is unemployed and never had a job. When he meets all the gamers at the restaurant from the guild, Codex asks him what he does for a living and his response was “I was taken care of my grandfather full time but he passed away last summer and I still get his security check”. But switch the subject when Codex says isn’t that illegal. Base on the way he dresses no one could have known he was unemployed and never own anything. His grandfather gave him the suit he was wearing and the house.



Costume: It is a very important part of mise-en scène because it communicates a message about who we are and also an easy link to stereotypes, which we use to quickly to make connotations about a character in film or books. Often we fully identified a character with one basic look or costume. For example, Volk is in the mid 40’s who is a single man and does not have a job but he presents himself as a business person a man, and leader instead of revealing his true identity. However, in reality, he is staying at home playing game. when I first saw the way he dresses, my first impression is that he is working at a professional job such as office, real estate agent or a college teacher. He is wearing a button-up shirt, with no suit or tie which looks like something he would wear to a professional job. His costume tells us a lot about him. For example, he takes running the Guild very serious and that it is important to be a leader. Setting and Deco: Volk is in a kitchen cooking bacon because “it was something a guild did once during Felicia’s raid and it was a highlight of her wow days”. This establishes Volk as a lonely person who has no wife or anybody to cook for him. He has to take care of himself and manage the guild. The main setting is the kitchens there is a microwave, cabinet, Desk, Knives, refrigerator, toaster and his computer. Volk keeps everything he needs close to him on the kitchen counter which shows that he is lazy. He spends most of his time on the computer because he is addicted to the game and he wants to play it all time. He does not care about getting a job or fixing his broken headset. Instead, he turns his kitchens into an office. Light: Everything looks bright with no shadow because they using a fill light and a backlight. The computer is also the other source of light coming from the computer screen he is using to play the game. It looks like Volk was on his computer around 12 pm because there is natural light, even though we cannot see a window. His faces expression tells the audience that he is worried about something someone says or he loses the game. The lighting in the room also indicates that he plays games for a large portion of his time. Space: the background is very clotted and the audience can see everything in the background. The camera is deeply focused on Volk but also try to get everything in this scene. Acting: Volk does a good job acting because he had played two part in the season. For instance, in public, he had to present himself as a masculine man and successful person who has a good job. When Clara and Codex first met him they were excited to ask him what he does for a living because he was well dressed. He was wearing suit button shirt down, and tie. He is a serious person who takes managing the guild very seriously. However, when gets home he is just a regular person whose addicted to the game.The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Next character in this picture in the bottom of this text is Tink. She is also interesting she has no job and spend her whole times playing the game. She is young and still in high school.



Costume: she is wearing a red camisole with a big necklace around her neck and pink earrings. She also has a black headset with sparkler things on it. Base on how she dresses I am guessing that she is a freshman at Guild high school. she’s probably 16 years of age and she still has princess pillow and still sleeps with teddy bears at night. Setting and Deco: The main setting of this scene is her bedroom. Her bedroom really portrays her personality and character. For instance, it is colorful with bright color which makes it girly looking. The wall is coloring with a bright pink. on her bed, there is stuffed animals and colorful pillows that say, princess. The way her room is decorated shows us that she is a teenager who likes to spend time in her room playing game. Light: In this picture, the camera directly focuses on Tink face and they using the Three -Point Lighting. First light, is the fill light which eliminated shadow and makes Tink look more clearly and prettier. Second, is the Key light it is the brightness light and the main source of lighting. It seems to me the key light provides all the brightness on Tink’s face and room. Third, Is the backlight separated Tink from the background because it is not crushing her. Space: the background is not clotted and the audience can see everything in the back. It is decorated like all teenagers today very colorful with a lot of stuffed animals on her bed. It looks like she was sitting on her desk while using her computer to play the game or talk to other players. Acting: I thought she did well acting because she tries to portray how teenagers act. For example, the way she talks to the other players. She curses sometimes; “oh he log off the game can I Fxxxx attacking him “. She gives people bad attitudes and looks at them in a disrespectful way. Overall she played the teenager role well.