screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-1-45-03-pmThe first screenshot I chose is from the very first frame of the very first episode of The Guild. My reasoning in choosing that frame is that there is so much to be dissected in that one low resolution image.

Costume: Codex’s costume is wrinkled, old looking, like the clothes you would only wear at night, or when sick. Her hair is pulled back and she has prevalent bags under her eyes. This leads us to the idea that she is sick, a shut-in of some sort.

Light: The lighting within the first screenshot looks genuinely like a webcam’s lights. Whether or not this was intentional, I’m not sure, but I do feel that it could be a mixture of lack of lights for the show, and artistic direction.

Set: As mentioned in the videos, Codex is a messy person with a messy background. This is evident through a mixture of the lights and the set, which shows a disheveled, cluttered bedroom

Space: The background is particularly interesting to me as it is dark and dank looking, like a dungeon. The focus is not particularly clear, leaving you with a horror movie-web-cam feeling. The frame is extremely close cut, certainly not professional in any regard. However, I feel like it works because Codex is not professional in any regard. She is, for lack of better words, a “hot mess.”

Acting: Felicia does an amazing job at playing a mixture of innocence, mental disparity, and responsibility as Codex. She has this ambiance around her that transforms her into the nerdy girl you would expect her to be.


After that I chose a picture of Bladezz. His character is a personal favorite of mine, and there is a ton to choose from in this picture.

Costume: When you first look at his character from the hair to his clothes you know he is a boy, not a man. He reminds you of the guy in high school that you thought smoked a ton, but really just sat in his room and played games. His disheveled appearance is firm in style, but lacks the approrpate attire for an adult.

Lighting: This is further in the season, so lighting is much more put together. All three lighting components are present, including the background.

Set: This set in the restaurant plays very well. There are extras seated behind Bladezz, curtains to keep the light out, and lights that play as decor and as backlighting. The most important thing though is that this set plays as a typical 20s place to meet.

Space: The background is in focus, and backlights are present, giving a deep space to the shot. The frame is not cut at a strange angle, or framed particularly weird. However, I do think that having an extra completely in the shot takes away from looking at Bladezz.

Acting: Bladezz character needs to be comedic but also centered. He needs to find an age that works for him, and roll with it. Vincent Caso does an awesome job at this. He has the right amount of sass in his voice that gets the plot rolling, but also just the right amount os innocence that makes you sympathize with him.