In this scene of The Guild, Clara and Codex are walking towards the restaurant to meet with the other characters of the game they all play together. The decor in the scene has not been set up by the producers. It is simply a public place with real trees, buildings, and even a car in the background. They used the public space to their advantage. Since this scene takes place in a public area, and shot during the day, no extra lighting was needed. The producers took great advantage of using natural lighting. The scene was shot with deep space. You can see this in layers almost. The foreground contains the main characters, the middle ground contains a few extras they casted as well as the trees, and the background contains a street with a car and a sign. There is also a short offscreen space that is created as Zaboo is calling for Clara and Codex to wait on him. The viewer can not see him for a couple of seconds but we still hear him before he appears. The costumes in the scene are casual, something you might see walking down the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon. Although the extras in the scene do not interact with the characters as they walk by, their body language speaks for them. They are acting like close friends or maybe even a couple. Clara and Codex on the other hand are acting like they are in a rush and are late meeting with the other characters in the restaurant.




In this scene of The Guild, Codex, Clara, and Zaboo have arrived at the restaurant to meet with the other players of the game they are playing to have a meeting. The decor is of low quality and that is expected because of the budget of the web series. The cloth drape over the podium does not match the rest of the decor in the scene because of the bland color, but they did include the restaurant logo to give the viewer a sense of where the characters are. There are framed pictures on the wall, a menu board with the day’s specials, and a large fake plant. It seems as though the only lighting being used is the key light and that is being aimed towards the hostess. Codex, Clara, and Zaboo are in the shadow almost compared to the lighting on the podium. There is shallow space in this scene being that there is little depth being shown. It can be argued that there is deep space because of how the characters are lined in a diagonal, creating a foreground, middle ground, and background. The hostess’s costume is very casual, just a t-shirt, bandana, and I will assume jeans. The other characters in the scene are dressed very casual as well, showing that this restaurant is not an upscale, expensive place to dine. The acting done by the hostess is very stereotypical for a casual restaurant. She acts like she does not want to be there, annoyed, and just over her job.