In this scene we can see certain aspects of cinematography. First we can see a deep focus with a depth of field. The scene starts with focusing on Codex playing her instrument and in the background, we see Wade walking through the window. He is blurry initially and walks through the light outside which contrasts with his black tank-top drawing our attention to him. As Wade enters the room his face is covered by shadows. Then by using racking focus he comes into focus. This draws the viewers’ attention to the fact that his face appears to be horribly disfigured and this is amplified by Codex’s reaction.

Again Wade is made the focus by the use of color. His black tank-top contrasts heavily with the bright red of the make-up on his face. Codex’s green shirt also makes her eyes appear greener and as a result her surprise is easier to see. By keeping Wade’s face in shadow until Codex sees it, the show is using point-of-view to give information to the viewer. By using this, the viewers are able to identify with the characters, particularly Codex as she is initially excited to see Wade but freaks out when she does.