Lost in Austen

  1. Electricity is one good example shown in Lost in Austen of scale, pace, and pattern. Elizabeth was caught playing with the light because she had no clue what it was. In her time, the scale for electricity was inexistent. Modern day, it is basically everywhere, anyone who can afford it has it. Electricity during Elizabeth’s time was most definitely invented, so the pattern of electricity was to first be discovered. Then it had to be implemented. At first only the wealthy had electricity so eventually it became cheaper and into a common household commodity that we now know it as. If we think of electricity in terms of today, it’s pace is instantaneous. All we have to do is flip a switch or push a button. I’m sure when it first became popular it wasn’t that easy though.
  2. Alcohol in the show also represented a good idea about scale, pace, and pattern. The scale of it was definitely something that stood out to me. In modern day, it is extremely common to see males and females at bars and other social places drinking. However, at the dance Amanda Price was drinking alcohol and others seemed a bit baffled by it. They all could already tell Amanda was a bit off bit it definitely wasn’t the proper thing for a lady to do back then. The pattern of alcohol is first it needs to be made, properly dispensed. There is all different types of alcohol as well. And in the end, most people like the get drunk after drinking a bit of alcohol in one sitting which is exactly want Amanda wanted to do since she was stressing out. A good example of pace for this is now there is a legal age on alcohol, so legally, people have to wait until they are 21 to consume alcohol.

The Real Housewives

  1. The article mentioned Fox. Fox is something that can easily be switched onto on anyone’s television. This means the scale of this is very wide, because most people own a television. The pattern of this show is first it needs to come up with what material they want to talk about. They need to hire people to broadcast this material. They then need to reach out their material to as many people as possible in order to be successful. I’d say the pace of Fox is rather quick since it is something that can be turned on very quickly.
  2. This article also mentioned social media. Social media is something that has recently, and very quickly, become popular on a very large scale. Almost anyone who owns technology such as a phone has some sort of social media account such as facebook. The pattern of social media first has to do with getting a job or getting some type of money. The devices that social media requires are extremely expensive most of the time. Once a person purchases a device, I feel like they decide their own pattern. For example, maybe it just to message friends, maybe its to complain about life, maybe its just to post pictures of themselves all day and there is many more examples. The pace of social media is instant and it is also forever. In a click of a button someone can post something on their twitter page and everyone who follows them plus anyone who goes on their page can see it. People can also share that post which contributes to the scale that social media provides, meaning anyone can see it.