The Real Housewives of Jane Austen 

The first extension that gives Blac Chyna the ability to be Blac Chyna is money. Without money, Blac Chyna would just be a pretty woman trying to make it in the world. Money allows her to showcase this image of grace and luxury. Blac Chyna has created this image of herself that many people are unable to duplicate because of the financial   burden that comes with being a Blac Chyna.

Another extension from “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen is The Bachelor. This extension is an unrealistic one for pretty much every women in the world. The Bachelor convinces women to come onto this show and fight over one man to gain is love in such a short period of time. And in the end it is the man’s opportunity to keep the women he likes and send the rest home. The Bachelor is just another way society tries to get women to act a fool over a man, and for other women to sit around and wish they were on them. It can change the pace of a woman’s life because some will work their whole day around the show. It can also change the pattern of a woman’s life because they too will be in search of a relationship that The Bachelor presents to be realistic.

Lost in Austen

A major extension for Elizabeth  Bennet was the light switch in Amanda Price’s bathroom. Elizabeth comes from a time where candles were the only means of light so a light switch, that requires no flame, could seriously change the scale of her life. A light switch could have meant that Elizabeth could turn a light on at any given moment an entire room could be lit up, instead of having just the gloom of a candle. Even Elisabeth is shocked in episode 1 about the ability the light switch has.

Amanda Price becomes aware of an extension when she attempts to use her cell phone in Elizabeth’s world. Amanda’s scale of life is altered when she is unable to use her cell phone because she is in a time period where cell phones were not enough an idea. Amanda was hoping to reach someone to help explain the situation she is in and that is when her pattern of life is changed. When someone is use to being able to just pull their phone out and contact whoever and that is suddenly taken away from them the adaptation can be very   difficult. I know it would be for me.