In the clip from The Guild that I was assigned, the characters are seen in the game world portraying their characters. They appear to be in a large palace filled with cake and other sweet treats. As seen from the size of the door in the background, the roof of the building is definitely very highly elevated, and as such there is a diegetic ambiance that seems to resemble an echo that you would hear in a largely empty room. This sound effect was clearly added post production as the characters are almost certainly acting in front of a green screen, and not an actual candy palace. Furthermore, each of the characters’s voices echo slightly, which is in sync with the setting.


The second noticeable type of sound is another diegetic sound that occurs are the very beginning of my assigned clip. Tink and Clara joyfully skip out of view, and the sound of their shoes click clacking on the tile can be heard. Once again, the sound is most likely post-synchronization dubbing because the characters are likely filming in a studio and not on the tile that the palace would possess. The sound also transitions into off-screen sound as the characters can still be heard skipping away even after they have disappeared from view.


The final sound that can be heard is a diegetic, synchronous sound in which the character’s costumes make noise as they move their arms. I am assuming the noise came from the plastic rubbing against plastic, but it may also have been added in post-production.