Frantzdy Pierrot

In the guild season 4, I was assigned a 30-second video clip. In the scene, Zaboo’s mom and Volk are getting married in a church. The first thing I notice was the way they all dresses, Volk had a warrior custom with a sword in his hand. Base on the dresses the director wants us to assume that the scene was taking place back in the day. However, the scene was being played as a video game that all the characters are playing. The editing was very good because the director uses different editing techniques. This scene is an example of external diegetic sound which means that the characters can hear each other talk or sound in the scene and they can see the object that is diegetic. Since they all speaking out loud and any other characters could hear them it is diegetic. The external diegetic in the scene was when they playing the video game in one room where they hear and see what each person are doing. For example, while Volk was about to marry Zaboo’s mom. Zaboo’s disagreed with the idea and he was trying to tell his mom in front of her instead of in the game but Codex stops him and makes him do it in the video game. Another example of diegetic is when codex says it was crazy for her to marry and her eyes start lighting on fire and also Bladezz and Tink are fighting in the background where everybody can see them and hear them. which is also an example of not offscreen sound because they fighting are happening where the audience can see and the other characters too. The audience and I could tell Codex see her eyes on fire because of her reaction, she was scared. But, this clip also has non-diegetic sounds. For example, the theme song that comes on when Zaboo’s tried to get his mom attention. The song is not a direct sound because it was not recorded while it was filmed but matches the action in the film. Sound Bridge was another editing in this clip. The sound from the game connects the scene in the game to the room where they playing because it starts in one scene but shifted to the next.