Everything that occurred in my 30 seconds was well known by the characters making it diegetic. There were no non-diegetic sounds that I could pick out. With that being said, the first sound was Blades and Tink fighting. You could hear their weapons wooshing and whipping through the air as they tried to take each other down. Their shoes were always clapping on the ground as they moved around/away from one another. Clara obviously knew this was occurring because we stood there watching them. Zaboo also was aware with what was going on because he had turned around and yelled at them to stop fighting. Blades and Tink listened and as soon as the stopped fighting, a glowing flag disappeared. It made a unique digitized sound as it went away with a blink. It almost looked like some kind of hologram. Also, once Blades and Tink stopped fighting and joined back next to Clara, you could hear there shoes still clicking on the ground. Nothing else happens until the last couple seconds when Zaboo’s mother begins to complement Zaboo. Above Zaboo, came words for his character that were making a whipping noise as they appeared. Codex was well aware of these words above Zaboo’s head because she immediately began to stare at them. With that, it ended my short scene and those were the only sounds I could pick out.