In my short thirty second clip of The Guild, there was conversations going on between multiple characters.  Each character’s voice would be considered diegetic because it could be heard by all of the characters even though they were not in the same room.  With the use of technology and the gaming systems, Vorg, Codex, Tinkerballa, and Clara are able to communicate with each other even though they are at separate houses.  Each character being able to communicate through the gaming system  is an important part of the film the guild because that is the main source of communication.

The mood of this scene starts off hostile when Vorg is talking about not wanting to get married anymore, even though he has verbally committed to getting married.  Codex is telling Vorg that he can back out at anytime because he has not gotten officially married yet.  Then the scene’s mood changes slightly.  It is still hostile, but in more of a strategic way.  Clara wants to plan the wedding and doesn’t want Codex interfering with her plans.  The audience can gain all of this information about the scene by listening to the tone of each characters voices.  The effect that their tones have on the audience, makes us gain a better understanding for Vorg’s feelings about marriage.