In the 30-second portion from Season 4, the setting takes place in a virtual type wedding ceremony between Vork and Zaboo’s mom. The characters are all dressed in knight type attire that mimic their gaming character, while Clara’s husband performs the ceremony. The mood is somewhat of a sad time because Clara is questioning Zaboo’s mom if she really wants to marry Vork. Zaboo’s mom goes on to explain she is lonely and in need of someone since she feels Zaboo does not want to be around her. This clip provides a somewhat somber environment.

There are several times when the camera rotates from medium close-up to a medium long shot between the characters by focusing on each character that is speaking. We know that all characters in the scene can hear when someone is speaking even though they may not be in the shot. The source of all sounds are direct and diegetic, due to the fact that we know each character can hear what is being said in real time of this particular scene. There are no off screen sounds, voice overs, or dubbing taking place since everything can be heard by the characters at that moment. Basically, no sounds were added after the fact. Not only is the source easy to recognize, but so is the quality. The volume and clarity of each character speaking is very straightforward, which makes it easier for the audience to follow.