One of the extensions I noticed was based on how they got around, in the Lost in Austin show I watched she went after the girl who ran away. She wanted to grab something to ride on or to drive but, instead she ends up running after the women. As the women has used a horse to “run away” from the house. This is taking more time for the women to reach the other and explain to her that she is in danger. As the one sister said she could of almost died.

The other extension I noticed was the way the people reacted and treated each other. When she was in her own world she wasn’t so kind to notice the tone or the way she was speaking. As she is in this old era she starts to watch how she talks, becoming more and more proper. The mother has even threatened her because of the she was talking wasn’t lady like, they were expected to talk in a certain way. Now we all are like “yo, what up” no one cares about saying like “Hi, who do you do today?”

One of the two extensions I noticed from the Real Housewives is how they are treated, and taken care of. The actors, or main characters of the show have personal trainers and cooks because it is so important to look a certain way. Without the technology we have to we wouldn’t know what was healthy and not healthy for us like they used to.  They are even told to dress a certain way because of the cameras being on them. Not allowed to embarrass the family because of an outfit they wanted to wear.

The other extension I noticed is the celebrities abilities to create something huge with one tweet, or post on social media. If they wanted other people to protest or stand up for them they only have to post something like “Man this person did whatever to me.” just by making it look bad that someone did something. Having their own personal little army of bullies ready to aim at the pop up of a post. Because of their wealth and extension in power they have become treated different, and technology helps them achieve it.