The World or Warcraft characters and game has become so be since the game release around 2001. As everyone rather call World or Warcraft WoW for short. The people who run Blizzard do some many different things to pull in future fans and business. The competitions to the apparel it has become a huge following in the Gamer World. As the fan even make fan arts, fan stories and cosplay for the makers at Blizzard. Their Convergence coming from the Social media they use, Video games they’ve made, Blizzcon, Twitch, and Youtube.

From all the characters that has been made from the Blizzard makers they are what has become the cyborgs. Lady Sylvanas, Cheifton, Vol’jin and more, not to mention the character you create for yourself within the game. Blizzcon will hold their competitions every year in Californian, the con isn’t only to choose the bet cosplay but the best gamer, pvp group, guild, and more. The cyborgs become the center pieces here from the outfits to the skills the characters have in WoW. Although it will only get bigger and bigger and so will the use of the cyborgs.