Real Housewives of Jane Austen

Eviction – Susan, of the movie Love and Friendship, gets evicted from her home due to her promiscuous relations and ends up homeless so she uses her charm and the conventions of society in order to manipulate others into her situation and is able find a stable living situation. This definitely proves to be monumental in her life because it enabled her to explicitly gain enough personal confidence to take advantage of her brother-in-law and so on feeding the cycle of manipulation and cunningness.

Instagram – It is mentioned that the sisters, Lydia and Kitty, were to be considered as modern day fameless, instagram models that aspire to be nothing more than pretty, fit, and famous. This certain technological tool would prove to further instill narcissism and envious feelings within each of the girls, considering their individual characteristics and current habitual behaviors.

Lost in Austen

Landing Strip – I find this entire scene to be perfectly quirky and wonderful, the two sisters are stunned when Amanda shows off her fancily arranged pubic hairs while she goes off on a momentary tangent about possibly being on a reality tv show with hidden cameras attempting to “joke” her. The radical idea of shaving won’t be introduced until about a hundred years later, so the confused and embarrassed reaction of the sisters is completely understandable here. Though pubic hair isn’t a technological extension of Amanda, her hair removal method is considered to be such and here’s why: this particular tool transforms the scale of her situation by establishing the relative extent of hair removal inside the mind of a teenager from the 1800s. Modern day, the matter itself isn’t a large deal to those who don’t care about their looks and is simply a personal grooming preference but I think  Amanda’s use of a hair removal system along with the difference of time periods should be noted as something of value in this context because it’s considered to be a routine for her, just as putting a bonnet on before bed would be to the sisters. It makes me wonder how she would have to adjust her usual thoughts and ideologies of the subject.

Toaster – In one of the very first scenes, Amanda can be seen in a kitchen just as the toaster hurls a fresh piece of gently cooked bread which she proceeds to shove in her mouth just moment following. This scene got me thinking of how instant our food can be prepared, and how easy it is to do so. Buy bread from store. Drive home. Take bread out of bag. Turn on toaster. Push buttons. Wait 1-2 minutes. Done. Back in the nineteenth century, you would have to gather the ingredients for the bread, prepare the oven and fire, combine ingredients and knead the dough, bake the bread for hours, tend to the flames, then serve once the process has completed. Also noted that bread didn’t last as long as it does now (thanks preservatives) so this process had to be repeated almost anytime bread was on the menu. This clearly alters the pattern and pace of Amanda’s life by extending the process of warming a small breakfast snack at the flip of a switch to a seemingly entire day event.