The first piece of technology that changes the scale, pace and pattern for the characters in Lost in Austen is a book. A book changes the scale, pace and pattern of the characters lives because an author had to write the book, people buy the books, which is good for the author and the economy. Reading the books may be an escape from reality for the people. If someone really gets into a book they could spend a whole day reading the book when they could be doing other tasks with a higher priority. Another extension is Lost in Austen is a toaster. Toasters changed the scale, pace and pattern of life for people because they eliminated the task of having to manually toast your bread. Before the toaster, people would have to either stand by the stove, or toast the bread over an open fire, and with the toaster, people now just set it and forget it. The once soft bread that goes into the toasting machine pops up now hot and crunchy.

One extension in The Real Housewives of Jane Austen is a TV. TV’s changed the scale, pace and pattern of people lives because if brought endless entertainment into the home. People gather from all over the country at a certain time, on a certain day, and on a certain channel to all watch the same thing. Some people make plans around this national meeting time; others stop what they are doing completely to return home for the meeting. TV’s are a blessing and a curse. They bring information to millions of people in an instant, but they have also torn families apart and ruined lives and souls of many by planting a negative connotation of reality into the youth. Another extension in this article is a 3-karat diamond ring. Because that is very specific, I am going to broaden this to diamonds in general. Diamonds change the scale, pace and pattern of life for characters because they are seen as a social class. The bigger and the more you have, the higher you are on the social class scale. But the background for how many of these diamonds are retrieved is gruesome, with many people getting underpaid and overworked in extremely hostile and dangerous work environments. People pay massive premiums for diamonds, especially when the quality and clarity are high. There are thousands of store specifically for just diamonds, which is good fro the economy.