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Costume: The costumes of the characters in this scene are very casual and inexpensive. The vide they give off is they sense that the characters mostly do virtual interactions and do not pay attention to the latest fashion trends. Tinkerballa is in what I think is called a spaghetti strap top with an undershirt of maybe a halter-top? Which is not fashionable and cheap. She is however wearing a shade of red lipstick, not a crazy bright and vibrant red, but a modest tone of red. Her hair is straightened and worn down, a very easy hairstyle with not a lot of time put into it.


Setting and Décor: The setting is in a restaurant. It looks to be a cheaper restaurant. I say this because there is a fake plant in the background behind Tinkerballa. The décor is outdated and cheap as well. The fake plant obviously is cheap and looks to be collecting dust. Peaking through the leaves of the fake plant is a bold dark red color that is most likely wallpaper.


Lighting: The lighting this scene has is background and fill light. The background light coming from the large, clear glass window is very overpowering but is counteracted by the fill light. There is a slight shadow under Tinkerballa’s chin towards the left, which shows there is some fill light coming from the left, however it is still overpowered by the background light.


Space: The space in this scene is deep space. The fake plant is in the foreground/background, and then the dark red wall color adds depth yet stops the depth because of the dark color. There is a deep focus because Tinkerballa is set back in the scene a bit. Viewers can see the notebooks and Zaboo’s hand that is out of focus.


Acting: The acting in this scene was very well done. I found it comical when Syd asked what everyone did besides the game and no one said anything. This is a scene where everyone had finally met each other in person for the first time. They introduce each other and say their name and screen name. Most of the characters would prefer to be called by their screen names. When Tinkerballa says her name, the other characters ask if that is her real name and she says it could be.



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Costume: The costume in this scene is extremely low budget, yet very relatable to a large number of the population. Syd is in an old, discolored, oversized red t-shirt that she uses for her pajamas. She also starts the scene with the t-shirt on backwards, something we can all relate to.


Setting and Décor: The setting of this scene is in Syd’s bedroom. She has a nasty snot green, silk like comforter. She has clothes at the end of the bed, which is most likely from the day, she just does not care enough to put them into a dirty laundry bin. On the right of her bed, Syd has an enormous stuffed animal dog. This shows she is probably single and likes to cuddle. Cheap see through curtains cover her white blinds. The color of her walls looks to be a similar green to her comforter, or it could be a blue that is getting discolored by the white see through curtains.


Lighting: In this scene there is key light coming from the right. It is obvious because viewers can see the reflection in Syd’s eyes. A fill light or back light is located to the back left. It is located close to the curtains because the light is extremely bright next to the curtains.


Space: Deep space is depicted in this scene. Syd is the first thing the camera has focus on, then behind her is her bed and then curtains and her blinds. The focus is a shallow focus because Syd is the first object/person in the camera view.


Acting: The acting is this scene again is great. Syd plays off Zaboo trying to hang himself with an Ethernet cord like it is really not the biggest event that happened, but what really is the big event is that she remained calm, like her therapist told her, and she saved Zaboo. Everything from the emotions to the hand gestures was phenomenally done and I found myself laughing out loud.