After viewing the second season of The Guild, I settled on this scene where Tink, Cyd and Clara are at a party trying to get Cyd…you know…some action. In this scene, there are a few features of cinematography used which I would like to point out. First, the scene was filmed with a large depth of field. I believe this because the scene shows the group of girls, plus all of the party-goers in the background as well. There is what I believe to be a deep focus because all of the actors and actresses have to same camera focus and none become very blurry. The camera angle is a neutral camera angle which was used because all of the characters are on the same “social class,” none are better than the other. The scene also has a medium close up because all of the actors/actresses are shot mainly from the waist/head up when the camera is on them. Touching back on mise-en-scene, the techniques of lighting used are key, fill and back lighting. There are decorative lights for backlight, key lights are directly pointed at the characters talking and the fill lights are on the opposing side of the characters.