Stimulus and response: This form of interactivity is present from the interactive website, Domino. One product in current days use that is equivalent to Domino would be Alexa, by Amazon. Similar to Alexa, Domino can begin and end recordings by the user saying, Domino, begin recording, or Domino, end recording. Users on the site feel stimulated because this opens a new, cutting edge platform for creative thinkers to be able to broadcast their ideas to other users.


Communication: Communication is utilized in the series because viewers are able to actively communicate with the characters of the series. Similar to when live broadcasted television shows enable hashtags for viewers to be able to ask and answer questions, Pemberley Digital manages a twitter account to allow for communication between viewers and characters.


Navigation: Navigation is present in the website because users have to interact with the site and click around to be able to communicate with other users. This is similar to our website, WordPress, because users can leave comments and provide feedback along with chat with other users.


Acquisition: Acquisition is used because of the “self-tour” Gigi had given herself of the town by means of a map. However, after following the map around for a little while, she came to the realization the map was not accurate and was actually for the future Sanditon which Mayor Parker had hopes to develop.