The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about convergence and transmedia is music. I listen to it every day for hours a day. I am not exactly sure if it is correct, but after watching your videos, I was under the impression it may fit the guidelines. Music is produced by music producers and our favorite artists. The song is then converted into files on the computer in which it can be delivered through many different frequencies to us [the listeners]. My demonstration of convergence is as follows. Every day when I get in the truck, my phone connects via bluetooth to the head unit in the truck, from there, my phone, which is already connected to the internet, allows me to open music applications and select which song I would like to hear. From here, I am capable of interacting with the media by learning more about the artist and get the lyrics, which allow me to read the words being said as well as being able to listen to them.

When thinking of a cyborg, for some reason a news channels come to mind. Every morning, Fox and Friends echoes throughout the house. The news broadcasters sit on their plush couch in New York, scripts ready to inform the large viewing audience on the current news. The scripts are displayed on televisions out of the camera viewing angles along with on the iPads and in the notes on the broadcasters. Film crews, audio and video equipment and lighting are all overseen my the directors and executed to near perfection by the workers. This news then get broadcasted live to the homes of millions of ready-minded people every day. From the reading this was my best interpretation of a cyborg.