Drama is what draws people to a certain serious. For the Guild, drama is usually seen in dealings with the game. However, in these few seconds, drama is occurring within the environment around the main characters. The cinematography helps show the audience how dramatic the scene really is.

The first identifier for increased drama is the contrast of light in the beginning of the screenshot. The babies are not portrayed as sweet and lovable, but more as dark and twisted because of the darker lighting they have on them compared to Clara. The bright lighting on Clara would suggest she is the victim of this tragic event, which she is because she loses the Orb of Narr.

The scale also adds to the drama. When Codex is talking with Zaboo and the camera zooms in to get a medium shot and than a close up shot, it signifies that something big could happen. In this particular scene, the audience might expect them to kiss because of the zooming on each characters face and then a medium close up of the two of them leaned closer together.

Shots, lighting, and even framing can add to the drama in different scenes. These few seconds can demonstrate how cinematography can make a scene much more dramatic.