There was a lot going on in my 30 second clip but there wasn’t a lot of sound that I picked up on in the very beginning. However, after watching the clip a couple times I started to notice things that I normally wouldn’t the first time. The first thing I noticed was how Vorg and Codex’s conversation to them were diegetic but for Tink and Clara it was non-diegetic since they didn’t hear the conversation at all. It was also non-diegetic for Zaboo since he went to go answer the door during the conversation. The same thing happens for Clara and Tink’s conversation. It is diegetic for them but non-diegetic for Vorg, Codex, and Zaboo. The next thing that I noticed was when Zaboo walked back into the room with a box. Codex looks at him and then get a very worried look on her face and asks what that is and then the scene goes silent. With the scene going silent, it gives off kind of a worried tension showing how Codex is actually worried to know what is in that box. Also since Codex and Zaboo are the only two there the scene for them diegetic while it’s non-diegetic for everyone else. Also, in my 30 second clip there is a sound bridge. After Zaboo brings in the box and that scene goes silent, The scene with Clara and Tink talking about the t-shirts and ice sculptures begins. It’s a nice transition because even though the silence gives off a worried tension, it allows for the next scene to begin with just a simple conversation. There is a little bit of off-screen sound as well. When Vorg is talking to Codex through the computer it is an off-screen sound. Even though they are talking through the Guild, Vorg is not physically present in that particular part of the scene making it an off-screen sound. After filming there was also a post-production dub added afterwards. Once again, even though Vorg and Codex were talking through a computer and through the Guild, the added a voice over of Vorg talking to enhance the sound and make sure the audience can hear what is being said because if they didn’t the audience wouldn’t be able to hear them since the sound on a laptop isn’t that good of quality.