Lost in Austen:

Technology in the 19th century to modern day have changed a lot. One of the first extensions that I noticed in the show Lost in Austen was when Elizabeth Bennett showed up in Amanda Price’s bathroom and she was playing with the pull down light switch. Since Elizabeth is from the 19th century, they didn’t have light switches. They had to walk around using a candle as a light source. Seeing the light switch and seeing how it worked put Elizabeth in aw about it. Since all she had as a light source was a candle it changed her scale of life because now she didn’t have to walk around with a candle in her hand and she actually had a reliable light source. It changed her pattern of life because now all she had to do was pull on a string to have a light instead of finding a candle and a match and lighting it. Elizabeth’s pace of life definitely got faster with the light source change.

Another extension that I noticed while watching Lost in Austen was when Amanda Price had asked to clean her teeth while she was stuck in the 19th century. In modern times, people use a toothbrush and toothpaste. However, in the 19th century they don’t use a toothbrush and toothpaste. People in the 19th century gather twigs and used that as the brush and had chalk and something else as the paste. Amanda’s pace of life definitely slowed down with this technology change. Her scale of life changed because she didn’t have an easy access to a nice toothbrush and toothpaste. Instead, she now had to use what everyone in the 19th century used. Her pattern changed because now she has to learn how to brush her teeth with the technology she has never used before.

A third extension that I noticed in the TV show was when Amanda was smoking and Mr. Bingley had seen her doing this. In the 19th century smoking wasn’t a thing and when Mr. Bingley saw Amanda smoking he said she was breathing fire. If smoking existed in the 19th century it would have changed everyone’s scale of life because it would have been something that everyone did regardless of how bad and addicting it is for you. It would have changed their pattern of life because they would have set aside time to get smoke and it would have changed their pace by making their lifespan shorter.

Real Housewives of Jane Austen:

In the article, Real Housewives of Jane Austen by Sophie Gilbert, she compares the differences and similarities of Jane Austen’s book and modern day. One difference that I picked up on rather quickly was how important appearance is. In the 19th century, no one was concerned about making you look a certain way as long as you did look nice. In modern day, you can dress however you want. You can wear jeans and a t shirt, sweats and a hoodie with a hat on or a gorgeous dress and high heels with sparkly earrings. If Blac Chyna went back into the 19th century she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Her scale of life would change because their wouldn’t be anything for her to do. Her pattern would change because she would have to find and new way to have some money but she doesn’t have modeling anymore or exotic dancing and her pace in life would definitely be slower.

Another difference that I noticed pretty quickly was how marriage worked in the 19th century and modern day. In the 19th century it was mainly arranged weddings from parents whereas in the modern day you get to choose who you marry and only you have a choice in it.  The article states that marriage is supposed to be the ultimate endgame. The Bachelor is a show where a bunch of girls live in one house together and there is this single guy trying to find his true love. In a way, it’s kind of like an arranged marriage but if the guy was in the 19th century it would be completely different. His scale would change because he would have to go through some type of an arranged marriage and not really having a choice in it. His pattern would change because now he wouldn’t have a choice in a bunch of girls but instead he would have to deal with the one that was chosen for him and his pace would probably speed up because he wouldn’t have to waste time trying to find the love of his life just to get his heart broken in the end.

One last difference that I noticed was the family rivalries. In 19th century families fought because they actually had a reason to fight. In modern day, families fight for ratings on a TV show. Family fights are important for reality TV and allow for the audience to enjoy a family feud. However, if modern day reality TV starts ended up back in the 19th century I feel like they wouldn’t know what to do. Their scale of life would change because they won’t be told who to fight and why to fight with their family and they wouldn’t be fighting just for ratings. Their pattern would change because now they don’t have the requirement to fight with another family member to keep you’re show going. The pace of their lives would slow down drastically because they wouldn’t have to fight anymore.