“Welcome to Sanditon” is a web series that takes on a modern twist to Jane Austen’s, Sanditon. In the web series, Gigi Darcy, who takes the place of Charlotte Heywood, goes to Sanditon, California with a new type of technology called Domino. Gigi and the company she is working with go to Sanditon to do beta tests to try out the new technology. This trial allows residents to use the app in any way they want to and it allows a virtual world to be created for fans of the show. With this app creating its own virtual world, interactivity is present within navigation, communication, exchange of information, and stimulus and response.

Through Domino, viewers are able to navigate their way through the app in any way they please. This could be by talking to other people within the app or simply just watching videos in the app. Being able to navigate through domino allows fans to feel like they are a part of the virtual world of Sanditon but they could interact with anyone they wanted to in any way they wanted to. Navigation is also considered an universal component for interactivity so of course this web series would have interactivity.

A huge part of domino is the communication part. The main people in the show use domino to make phone calls and video chats or make personal videos for the beta test. For the people that want to join the virtual world, domino allows for them to video chat or even just communicate via text. With these components being apart of “Welcome to Sanditon” communication is a big part for the beta test in the domino app.

“Welcome to Sanditon” also has exchange of information by not only allowing the actual characters and the viewers to communicate with each other but by allowing the viewers alone to communicate with one another. While creating the virtual world, Gigi played videos of other viewers explaining what Saniditon California was to them and allowing them to put their own twist within the virtual world.

The last major part of interactivity that “Welcomt to Sanditon” shows is stimulus and response. This happens when the viewer clicks on a link and it takes them to a twitter page or another video allowing them to watch or read more about Sanditon. Domino also allows viewers and characters to answer phone calls in the app by saying “domino answer call” making domino answer the call.Domino will also end the call with the user simply saying “domino end call”.