Netflix has become a very important part of my life and one of my all time favorite shows that I started watching on Netflix is called Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls is a romantic comedy TV series that is based in a small town called Stars Hollow in Connecticut. The show is about friendship and family while being centered around a mother and daughter and their relationships. The TV series was live from the year 2000 and ending in the year 2007.

The story is presented in transmedia storytelling by having all seven seasons on Netflix. Gilmore Girls also has a web series, that is only available on Netflix, that takes place nine years after the season finale aired on TV. With the show being on Netflix, you can also rate and make comments about the show and interact with other people that are fans of the show. This allows the viewers to give their feedback and with people rating the show, it allows people who have never seen it to see how good the show is based on what others have rated it as.


Gilmore Girls has a very strong lead with the two main characters being female. The two main characters, played by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, are Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. Besides there being a strong female lead throughout the whole show, there are also cases where both Lorelei and Rory have to work like they are a machine in some way. For instance when Rory transfers school to Chilton, she has to work extremely hard to catch up and get good grades and she has to do this again while she is attending Yale University. Lorelei has to work extra hard while she is constructing her new inn and trying to get it off the ground, working long days.

Gilmore Girls also showed many ways in how machines could come in handy. While Lorelei is building her inn, the staff she hired has the tools to get the inn built but the tools and machines did the majority of the work for building the inn. Also, cars, like in most TV shows and movies, play a part in the show. Without the cars, or any mode of transportation no one would really be able to get anywhere throughout the show. There were parts throughout the show where machines played a bigger part than those mentioned above. When someone ended up in the hospital, there was a machine hooked up to that person helping them of saving their life. All of these little “machines” added by the writers and director shows that there are machines that are needed daily.