Costume – The costume in this screenshot is a tank top that Codex uses as pajamas which was showed in full at a different point in the season. Based on the light coming through the window, it is still day time so it makes me wonder why she already has pajamas on.This may mean she is a little bit slack but quite possibly it may be because she is stressed out so she just wanted to be comfortable.

Setting and Decor – In the background you can see an unmade bed. This shows that maybe Codex isn’t very good at “adulting” or again, back to the idea of her just being very stressed out. Zaboo’s suite case is in the back as well and those may possibly be his clothes sprawled on Codex’s bed. Zaboo’s suite case shows that he is here, but maybe not for long(not being permanent), especially considering throughout this whole series Codex was trying to get him out.

Lighting – The only sources of light I can see are a back light, which is illuminating only the background of this screen shot. The other source of light is coming from the computer screen Codex is using to record herself on. Since there seems to be no key lighting or fill lighting, it makes everything seem very dark. With that though, this scene seems more mundane, especially considering Codex is recording herself and talking to her audience.

Space – This screenshot has deep space because there is a foreground, mid ground, and background. I also think this scene has deep focus because you can see everything and make out what everything is clearly.

Acting – The only thing for acting that I can say about this screen shot is Codex looks scared. And that’s exactly how she is supposed to act for this scene. That is because Zaboo’s mother was yelling at Zaboo for a lengthy amount of time. So therefore, Codex did a decent job at portraying her emotions.


Costume – I picked a screenshot that showed Zaboo’s mother strictly because of her costume. Her costume visually portrays that she practices India culture and it is easy for anyone to see that.

Setting and Decor – The setting and decor is bleak in this screenshot. If I hadn’t watched the season, I probably wouldn’t have guessed this was a restaurant.

Lighting –  In this screenshot there seems to be key lighting and fill lighting. This is because Zaboo’s mom’s face is bright and there isn’t shadows across her anywhere. However, I’m unsure whether this is a back light or not. The reason I say this is because the background is rather dark, however you can still make out objects. I think it’s hard to tell due to the focus and the very back wall being a dark brown.

Space – The space in the screenshot is deep. There is a foreground, midground, and background. I chose this screenshot in particular though to point out the focus. For one, in the right corner, there is a piece of showing of someones hair. It is completely blurred and taking up a little bit of the frame. The background is also quite blurry meaning this screenshot has shallow focus.

Acting – I really enjoyed Zaboo’s mom’s acting. It kept me entertained during this season. In this screenshot and scene in particular, Zaboo’s mom had to act very upset and angry at her son and to her son’s friends. As you can see, she is using some great body language using her hands and utilizing facial expressions.