In the above screenshot of Clara we can see the 5 aspects of mise-en-scene. Clara’s character is a mother and we can see how this has affected the décor. Behind her are flowers, fairy figurines, and stuffed dolls which are all things one would expect a mother to have. These things lead to a feeling of a nurturing atmosphere which is actually ironic as Clara could be described as a neglectful wife and mother, usually spending all of her time playing video games. We can see a high-key lighting as there are few shadows both on Clara and in her room. This again fits with Clara’s bubbly personality and this lighting is typical used in comedies, the genre “The Guild” falls under. As the show is typically viewed from the perspective of a webcam, it makes sense that the space is used frontality.  This allows the viewer to feel as if they are actually getting into the lives of the characters and help builds a feeling of connection. Clara’s costume tells a lot about her character. First I noticed that she is wearing earrings while she is home, obviously wanting to look good while she is on the webcam. Secondly she looks as if she has done her and deliberately picked her outfit. What struck me as funny was that it looked as if Clara had kids in the room with her only cordoned off by a gate. The acting by all characters I thought was great. Clara easily portrayed herself as ditzy and happy. She chimes in at Codex’s expense that her ex-boyfriend as well as her father later turned out to be gay. I also noticed that Clara never looked away from the computer, despite her kids being a few feet away from her. The group work off one another and have a great chemistry that really plays to each of the character’s peculiarities.


In this scene we can see Codex’s room and immediately I got a feeling of claustrophobia. She has jammed in some much furniture that there is barely any room. This affect is amplified by the fact that Zaboo seems to have no idea of personal space and invade Codex’s. We also see that her room is a mess with clothes strung all over the bed. This reinforces the fact that she spends a great deal of her time on the computer. Her room does seem to have a lot of lighting, both artificial in the form of the lamp and natural in the form of her windows. Despite this, the room does seem quite dark. This scene seems to use three-point-lighting as the characters themselves are in bright light while the rest of the room is dark. As I mentioned before, there isn’t a great deal of space in this room. The actors use this to show the character’s personalities. We see Zaboo invading and coming quite close to Codex and in fact, prior to this he touched her. This is alarming for Codex as she is awkward, particularly around men. Her expression to me shows her uncomfortableness and yet Zaboo is completely oblivious to this. He even repeatedly gets so close that he actually bumps into her several times. The clothes that the characters are wearing further defines their personalities. Zaboo is eccentric and we see him wearing a rather interesting shirt overtop a bright orange shirt. To me, one can only make this combination of attire by deliberate decision. In contrast, Codex is wearing a simple shirt with a tank top over it but the combination doesn’t seem to match. To me, it looks as if she just grabbed some clothes off the pile on her bed and threw them on. As for the acting, I think it is spot on for the characters. Felicia Day nails her character’s awkwardness and sense of panic when she comes across confrontation, particularly when Tinks accusing her of being a “slut” because Zaboo is over. Likewise, Sandeep Parikh makes apparent his character’s lack of understanding for personal space. His attitude is obsessive towards Codex and it’s really funny how this plays against Codex’s personality.