Mise-en-Scene is a french term for the visual theme of a theater or film production. The design aspects of a production tell a story just as much as the way the characters interact with one another. The five types of Mise-en-Scene typically found in a production are costume, setting and decor, lighting, space, and acting. In the web series The Guild, all five types of Mise-en-Scene are utilized exceptionally well.


Vork is an unemployed single man who also happens to be the guild leader for the group of players found in The Guild. He takes guild matters very seriously and acts almost as if he is a parent of the rest of the guild. Additionally, when he and Codex meet for the first time at Cheesybeards, he admits to her that he is illegally living off of his deceased grandfather’s social security checks.


In the image above, costume plays a huge role in the audience’s perception of the character. Despite Vork being at home, he is still wearing a button-up shirt which looks like one he would wear to a professional job. His professional image indicates that he considers the business of running the guild very seriously, perhaps so much so that he considers it a job. Furthermore, the headset he is using clearly has duct tape on the sides, indicating that he is stingy because instead of buying a new headset when his broke, he simply repaired it with duct tape.


The space also play a role in defining Vork’s character. He has a microwave, refrigerator, desk, toaster, knives, and (most importantly) his computer all within arms reach. The fact that he keeps all of his essential tools in close proximity indicates that he does not want to waste time doing things that keep him from playing the game. He wants to spend every waking moment of his time playing the game. In addition, the tube monitor he uses to play the game adds to the already established stinginess as stated before.


Vork’s acting indicate that he is an introverted and cautious individual. When Codex suggests meeting in person to discuss Bladezz (and avoid alone time with Zaboo), Vork noticeably becomes uncomfortable with the prospect of engaging himself socially, and even goes as far as to say he “doesn’t wanna” meet up.


The first noticeable thing about this image is the setting and decor. Codex plays the game from her room, and apparently does not mind a cluttered desk space and messy room. She has clothes scattered all over her bed, her violin case is open and exposed to the world instead of neatly put away, and she has clutter all over he desk. The messiness of her room indicates that she is probably single and does not expect guests over to her house often, considering her room is such a mess. Also, she probably spends most of her time on the computer because she does not concern herself with the state of her room, only what is happening on the monitor’s screen. Furthermore, the sticky notes of her monitor indicate that she may be a forgetful person and needs to leave reminders for herself in plain sight.


The lighting in the room also indicates that she plays games for a large portion of her time. Although it is midday and there is plenty of natural light to come through the windows, the room still appears to be rather dark. The dark lighting is usually indicative of a gamer.


In this particular scene, Codex is distraught and panics over her situation with Zaboo. Instead of sticking up for herself and demanding Zaboo simply leave, she panics and requests that the guild members all meet up in person; something she knows that the others probably do not want to do, including herself. The fact that she forces the others into an uncomfortable situation simply because she cannot speak up for herself tells the audience a great deal about her character and personality.